Cycling in Sastamala

Cycling is a popular way to move around the surroundings and in the nature. While cycling, it is easy to admire the beautiful landscapes of Sastamala and get some exercise at the same time. The trails lengths and the routes surfaces can be found from the maps. There are attractions, cafes, places to eat and beaches marked in the maps. However, remember to check especially the summer destinations opening hours from their own channels.

Renting a bike in Sastamala is possible from: Nettomatti, in the centrum of Sastamala, and Ellivuori Resort. Ellivuori Resort has also electrical bikes during the spring and summer 2023.


Ellivuori Resort:


The Lake trails in Sastamala

Sastamala is a part of the Rauta trail, which belongs to the Lake trails. The Rauta trail consists of two different routes: Kulovesi trail and Rautavesi trail. The maps of the Lake trails can be found both – as a paper map and as an online version. There are many spots for little breaks and to stay in, marked in the maps. Find out more:


Rauta trail: the whole route by bike

History, stories and good food. Rauta trail is 91 km long and connects the Lake Kulovesi and Lake Rautavesi trails. There are many beautiful bridges and two medieval churches along the route. Travellers can also enjoy the magnificent landscapes that have inspired numerous Finnish artists. The trails connect at Ellivuori, where there are plenty of things to do for the whole family. You can even climb Pirunvuori, ‘the devil’s mountain’, to admire the scenery, or stroll along the hiking trails and the lakeshore. There are several good spots along the trail for taking breaks. The terrain is varied and includes paths of all levels of difficulty. If you love gravel routes, this route is a must!


Rauta trail: Around Lake Kulovesi by bike

The Kulovesi route is 59 kilometres long, and wonderfully scenic. During the trip you will go round the beautiful Lake Kulovesi, which is surrounded by forest and hills. The route has paths for cyclists of all levels, passing through picturesque villages and along quiet country paths. There are numerous attractions along the way, such as historic churches, local museums, many beautiful bridges, and pleasant cafés. All these make for an unforgettable cycling experience! The route also features several gravel sections.


Rauta trail: Rautavesi trail by bike

The Lake Rautavesi route is 41 km long and is suitable for all the family. You’ll find charming country roads and plenty of services in the villages you pass through. There are many good places to stop, whether for a break, to pop into a café or restaurant, or admire the sights. The St. Olav’s mainland way follows the same route. The fabulous and historical Rautavesi route brings together several stories, artists and major figures of Finnish history. The trail is mostly paved road, but also includes two gravel sections.


Welcome Cyclist- label

The Welcome Cyclist- program is designed to make life easier for bike travellers, when looking for services that always welcome cyclists.

Finnish Welcome Cyclist- program is effortless for companies to join. To get the Welcome Cyclist- label, the company has to offer just few cyclist- friendly services, which are highly appreciated by the cyclists. The companies with the Welcome Cyclist- label gets to the map of cycling- friendly services: Find more information from our bike travel website: !

In Sastamala, the Welcome Cyclist- label can be found from: guesthouse Liekoranta, B&B Kommee kurki, Herkkujuustola Juustotupa and lanterra .