Kuasman Kiäppi hiking trail

Kuasman Kiäppi hiking trail

The hiking trail around Kuorsumaa village and Lake Kuorsumaanjärvi in Kiikoinen offers lakeland forest and wetlands scenery, sounds and smells of nature, and an opportunity to observe animals, plants and other little wonders of nature.

“Kuasman Kiäppi” is a hiking trail of 14 kilometres maintained by the local village association. “Lisäkiäppi” is an extra few kilometres that takes you to wet spruce forest where – who knows – you might even spot a troll or two.

There are signs along the route telling you about the environment, points of interest and local history. There is a bird watching tower with a barbeque and open fire site with a lean-to shelter nearby. Other places to rest your legs are the Pappilankallio and the Kiikanhuhdanmäki rest spots as well as a barn called Pikku Tyrvään taukolato.

The starting points with map and information boards can be found along trunk road 44, at the beginning of Hepokorventie road and Pikku-Tyrvääntie road as well as at the parking area of the bird watching tower close to the Kakkurilammintie road.


Open here Kuasman kiäppi brochure (in Finnish)

Kuorsumaan Kyläseura ry

You can find this trail also from Retkipaikka websites ( http://retkipaikka.fi/vapaa/kuasmankiappi/


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Kuasman Kiäppi hiking trail

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