The House of Mr. Clutterbuck

The House of Mr. Clutterbuck in Sastamala is an exciting and active world based on Mauri Kunnas’s popular childrens books. The house lets visitors immerse themselves in play, regardless of age: playing, dressing up in role-play costumes, colourful sights and sounds. Each room is based on a certain book or books.
In the room called Mr. Clutterbuck’s Home you can play house in the kitchen and also visit the attick with it’s kind ghosts. When you enter the room of King Arthur and his knights you can dress up and practice your swordplay with soft swords and shields. In the House of Mr. Clutterbuck you can also visit the Out-Of-This-World Space Experience and take part in a tour going around the whole of our solar system. To calm yourself down after the spaceflight, you can play in the old city of the Doghill Kids. The House is open all year round.
From May to October Mr. Clutterbuck’s Fun on Wheels Yard is open. Inspired by the Fun on Wheels and Pawchester Tales books, the Mr. Clutterbuck’s Fun on Wheels Yard is a place a bit like Pawchester where you can whizz around in pedal cars, fill up at the fuel station or maybe take your vehicle to the car wash. For smaller drivers we have a track where one can drive for example tricycles.
From The Shop of Lovely Things you can find all kinds of lovely things for yourself or for a friend, including many products featuring Mr. Clutterbuck or other characters from Kunnas’s books. The giftshop is open for all visitors without admission fee.

Opening times

From November till May and from August to October the House of Mr. Clutterbuck is open
  • Mon-Fri 10-17
  • Saturday 10-16
During summerseason June and July (after midsummer till beginning of schools)
  • Mon-Fri 10-17
  • Sat 10-16
  • Sun 12-16


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The House of Mr. Clutterbuck

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