VuoriSport & HighPark Climbing Park


Climbing park HighPark adventure trails offer a great way to exercise high up, in the beautiful lakeside scenery.

The park has cable tracks and rope tracks built between the trees and posts. The climber moves along the lines through different challenges, wearing a harness attached to a safety belt. Climbing the tracks is safe, physical and exciting!

HighPark tracks are suitable for children and adults alike. It’s also a great activity for any staff outings or after meetings!


We organize a fatbike safari to the demanding trails around Ellivuori and Pirunvuori hill. The route takes the bikers through some breathtaking views.

You can also rent the fatbike and head out by yourself.

Giant canoe ”Mighty Mandy”

The Mighty Mandy (MahtiManta) is a big and sturdy giant canoe for up to 16 people.
Beautiful lake scenery, team work, silence or cheerful babbling – those are the ingredients for a great paddling trip!
Paddling takes place, depending on the weather, in the surroundings of Rautavesi and Kulovesi areas.

SUP boards

Take on a guided trip for 1,5 hours to the secrets of stand-up paddling in the magnificent scenery of the Rautavesi lake (for 2-5 people) or rent your own SUP boards for as long as you want.

Canoes and rowing boats

Rent your own Indian canoe or a rowing boat and enjoy the great views of the lakes Rautavesi and Kulovesi.

OAC KAR147 Sliding snowshoes

Backcountry skis with an integrated climbingskin are a very easy and carefree way to move about and enjoy the snowy nature.

With this combination of skis and snowshoes, you make your own tracks.


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VuoriSport & HighPark Climbing Park

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