Herkkujuustola is a combination of small cheese factory, restaurant and café. During your visit you can observe the production line, buy a little something to take home with you and taste cheesy delights.

Peter Dörig, Herkkujuustola’s founder and director, is originally from Switzerland and moved to Finland in 1996. His dad ran a cheese business for decades in Appenzeller and in his footsteps Peter started Herkkujuustola in 2002. His passion and ambition made him the Finnish cheesemaster of the year in 2016.

Herkkujuustola’s cheeses are strong-flavoured, locally produced with milk from surrounding dairy farms and made with Swiss tradition.

The restaurant/café Juustotupa is open seven (7) days a week. It is a place where one can see the cheese made skillfully by hand, attend tastings and get to know the culture surrounding cheese.

Everybody is welcome to Herkkujuustola in Sastamala!

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