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Natural Wonders

  • Cycling in Sastamala

    Cycling in Sastamala

    Cycling is a popular way to move around the surroundings and in the nature. While cycling, it is easy to admire the beautiful landscapes of Sastamala and get some exercise […]

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  • Devil's Mountain and Stone Castle

    Devil's Mountain and Stone Castle

    The Artist Emil Danielsson Artist Emil Danielsson (1882-1967) was born on 7.August 1882 in Tula, Russia. In 1886 Danielsson’s family moved to Turku, where Emil attended a Swedish-speaking classical middle […]

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  • Ellivuori Resort

    Ellivuori Resort

    ELLIVUORI RESORT – EXPERIENCE MORE The renewing Ellivuori Resort, only 40 minutes away from Tampere, offers versatile settings both for companies as well as leisure. Ellivuori Resort is located in […]

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  • Hotel Ellivuori

    Hotel Ellivuori

    Hotel Ellivuori Our hotel offers renovated rooms and apartments, with 90 cm wide beds and in part of the rooms there 1-2 arm chairs, which can be folded out to […]

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  • Kiviniitty animal park

    Kiviniitty animal park

    Kiviniitty animal park is located in Sastamala, western Finland.  We have over 30 species, including regular farm animals and also wildlife like deer, reindeer, ostriches, wild bores, swans and many […]

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  • Kuasman Kiäppi hiking trail

    Kuasman Kiäppi hiking trail

    Kuasman Kiäppi hiking trail The hiking trail around Kuorsumaa village and Lake Kuorsumaanjärvi in Kiikoinen offers lakeland forest and wetlands scenery, sounds and smells of nature, and an opportunity to […]

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  • Ritajärvi Nature Reserve

    Ritajärvi Nature Reserve

    Welcome to the Ritajärvi Nature Reserve! With its hilly landscapes and small wilderness lakes and streams, the Ritajärvi Nature Reserve provides a unique experience of unspoiled natural beauty. This diverse […]

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