The Churches of Sastamala

A bus tour (duration 2–4 h, meal and coffee can be included)

Sastamala is a town of churches. It would take a few days to explore them all but it is possible to choose just some of them to visit. Three of the churches are open in the summer and others can be visited by making prior arrangements at the church registry office.

You will get a good overview of the region’s churches by taking a church tour in the cultural landscape of Rautavesi. You will see medieval church settings as well as modern church buildings and learn about church history and modern church art. On the tour, we will visit the parish’s youngest church, Salokunta Church, built in 1960. Set on a narrow strip of land between Lakes Rautavesi and Riippilänjärvi, Karkku Church dates back to 1913. Our granite churches, the Saint Mary’s Church of Sastamala with an earthen floor and the rebuilt St. Olaf’s Church in Tyrvää, offer you a glimpse of the Middle Ages. Our tour will end at the main church of the Sastamala parish, the two-towered Tyrvää Church located by the bridge of Vammaskoski. During the tour, you will have the opportunity to use the services of restaurants and bed & breakfast estates. The duration of this church tour is approximately 6 hours including breaks.

We also customize church tours including meal and coffee all around Sastamala according to your group’s wishes. For instance, in addition to Tyrvää Church, the churches of Kiikka and Keikyä are located by the Kokemäenjoki River. They can, for example, be included in a handicraft-themed tour. An architect-specific tour would include the churches of Tyrvää, Mouhijärvi, and Kiikoinen all of which were designed by Pehr Gylich of Turku.

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