How About a Church Hike?

The Church Hike in Sastamala is about 20 kilometres long and takes you from the Karkku community to the centre of Sastamala, Vammala. The trail runs by Lake Rautavesi on country roads through Karkku, the Saint Mary’s Church of Sastamala, and St. Olaf’s Church in Tyrvää to Tyrvää Church by the Vammaskoski Bridge. The Church Hike begins at the Good Shepherd’s Inn at the old Wanha Harsu farm, Maakunnantie 17. There you will get, for a small fee, route instructions, a water bottle and some rye bread as well as a prayer card for each church.

The hiking trail runs along the railway line between Pori and Tampere, so you can access the trail by taking a train that stops at the Karkku and Vammala stations. You can leave your car in Karkku where you can easily return by train after the hike.

During summertime, there are cafés near the medieval churches along the route. Next to the Vammala railway station, there is the Kestikievari Inn of Liekoranta whose café and local food shop are open all year round.