The Home Town of Mr. Clutterbuck

Vammala is known for its cultural offering, at the heart of which are literature and churches. The national Finnish book museum Pukstaavi is in the town, as is the House of Mr. Clutterbuck (inspired by the characters from the children’s books by Mauri Kunnas). History and the church art of Kuutti Lavonen and Osmo Rauhala meet in the historic St. Olaf’s Church. The Tatu ja Patu children’s books are also written in Vammala.

Many national cultural events are held in Mr. Clutterbuck’s home town, such as the Vammala historic literature days, the young people’s book event Kirjaset, and the Sastamala Gregoriana early music festival.

The current Finnish volleyball champions VaLePa are from Vammala, and the effects of the sport can be seen across the region – such as in the fact that the high school has a dedicated volleyball course. Many downhill skiers and golfers are also familiar with Sastamala; the Ellivuori ski centre and the 36 hole Lakeside Golf attract customers from far afield.