The municipality of Kiikoinen was joined with the town of Sastamala at the beginning of 2013. Nevertheless, Kiikoinen continues to have a strong local identity, one manifestation of which is the 44th folk music and folk dance family event Kiikoisten Purpurit held in July. One element of Kiikoinen’s traditional dance heritage greets visitors at Tervahauta Purpuripuisto Park all year round. Sculptor Pertti Mäkinen’s piece Rakastunut viulu ja mandoliini (“Violin and Mandolin in Love”) has become a distinctive landmark in the area.

In addition to the Purpurit event, key attractions in Kiikoinen include the Kiikoinen Summer Theatre and the Myllymäki Tenant Farmer’s Museum. Visitors are also encouraged to explore the Polvijärvi Museum displaying various artefacts, Kiikoinen Church and the well-maintained churchyard, as well as the Rajalahti recreation area by Lake Kiikoisjärvi. Also worth a visit is the idyllic “Lilac Village” of Jaara that is being regenerated with a project called Jaaran raitti (“Jaara High Street”).

The businesses in Kiikoinen are happy serve locals and visitors alike. Tree Farm Sirola arranges various forest and nature tours, Marjaana Särösalo has been making handicrafts for 25 years, Lasistudio Jan Torstensson Oy introduces visitors to glassblowing, and at the WanhaJaara Estate, you can enjoy the warmth of a sauna or arrange a family gathering. In Kiikoinen, you can also find Hopealuu that makes cutlery and jewellery out of bones and antlers, Kultalyhty specializing in flowers and gifts, as well as the Muraja Estate with its lakefront cabins for rent.

The Kiikoinen area has become familiar to many thanks to the Kiikoinen ABC service station at the intersection of Highway 11 and Main Road 44. From ABC, you can, for example, begin your journey into Kiikoinen’s folk dance tradition or head out to the “Kuasman Kiäppi” hiking trail starting a few kilometres away. In the future, it is also possible to follow the local life and purchase some regional products at the market area that will be built on the location.


Located in Kiikoinen, the village of Jaara sits by the River Jaaranjoki teeming with fish. There have been settlements in the area already in the Stone Age, in about 2000 BC. The name Jaara (wether) is a primitive name based on society and religion. The old-age artisan village has retained its village-like atmosphere with old wooden houses. Lilacs bordering the High Street have earned the place a nickname “Lilac Village”. Jaara lives vibrantly in the present. Various events are arranged, and people work together for common good, which creates an atmosphere of solidarity among the villagers and those who spend their summer in the area.