An Artisans’ Village by the River

Keikyä is situated by the Kokemäenjoki River. The river is part of day-to-day life in many ways for the locals. On its banks there is a beautiful park area with a children’s beach and a pier for swimming, as well as a mat washing place. The picturesque river scenery also boasts Finland’s longest wooden suspension bridge. The traditions of entrepreneurialism and working with one’s hands are still alive and well in Keikyä.

Visitors are encouraged to visit some of Keikyä’s artisans – such as textile artist Anneli Keinonen, whose atelier is in Keikyä’s old dairy building. The Eliisa Marjaana leather workshop makes unique Finnish leather products, Taina Ekilä makes straw goats and Keikyän Kiviveistämö crafts stone for decoration as well as memorials. For many horse riders Keikyä is familiar because of the KT Talli stables.